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Teacher Interview Questions

Teacher interview questions can be tough. Teaching interviews are not something we look forward to in our hunt for that great teaching job.

That's because it's hard for teachers to sell themselves.  We're teachers, after all, not salespeople.

To succeed in your teaching interview requires a totally different skill set and approach
than teaching your students.  But let me tell you - if you have what it takes to stand in front
of a classroom of critical students, you certainly have what it takes to succeed in a teacher
interview.  Teacher interview questions aren't designed to reject teaching applicants. Remember, your interviewer wants to find a super teacher for the job.  

You just have to be that super teacher.

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Take the time you need to prepare for your interview. Practice, practice, practice. You can absolutely land the teaching job of your dreams, if you invest the time and effort required.

Here are some teacher interview questions that you can practice with to prepare for that teaching job interview.

Sample Teacher Interview Questions

1. Students and Classroom Management

- What kind of students do you like to teach?

- Describe the student you can teach most effectively.

- A student says your lesson assignment is "stupid."  How do you deal with them?

- What do you do to ensure that each student gets to experience success?

- If you feel that a student needs individual instruction, what do you do?

- If your class includes gifted students, as well as slow learners, how do you keep all of the students engaged?

2. Dealing with other Teachers

- Describe the teacher you would most like to work with.

- Describe the teacher you would least like to work with.

- You observe a teacher acting in a manner you consider to be improper.  What do you do?

- Have you ever had difficulties dealing with a colleague?  How did you handle it?

- Describe the contribution you see yourself making to the other teachers at our school.

- What role should school administration play in handling relationships among teachers.

3. Dealing with Parents  

- Under what circumstances would you contact the parents of one of your pupils?

- How would you react if a parent of a student contacted you at home?

- If a parent complained that you were not teaching their child properly, how would you deal with them?  Would you involve the school administration?

On Open House day a parent shows up whom you believe to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  What do you do?

- Do you enjoy parent teacher conferences?

- What is the most important thing you want from the parents of your students?

4. Your Qualifications for Teaching

- Why did you choose teaching?  If you had not become a teacher, what would you have become?

- What is your best quality as a teacher?  What is your worst?

- How important is it to you that your students like you?

- What current trends in education excite you?  What worry you?

- What contribution will you make at our school?

- If you were hiring a teacher, what qualities would you look for?

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If you have the self-confidence to stand in front a class of students just itching to spot a
flaw, you'll find interviewing with someone eager to find the right teacher to hire for their school  a real pleasure - sure they're critical, but not as critical as your students! 


With proper preparation you can handle any questions the interviewer challenges you with.
Remember: not preparing to suceed, is preparing to fail.  You can land that dream teaching
job if you invest the time and effort now.                                                                                                     

Learning how to handle a teaching job interview is an important step in learning how to become a teacher .

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