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Language Arts Teaching in middle school, even for the most experienced teacher, is time consuming, complicated, and often overwhelming. There is a never ending supply of papers to grade, lesson plans for language arts to create, and the desperate need to figure out classroom management that works! Middle School Language Arts

What if you are a beginning teacher and have no idea what to do?

I can help! I have been in your shoes and not that long ago. I know what it’s like to walk through the door of a class full of middle schoolers who are immediately searching for your weakness. I understand the frustration of time management in the classroom, figuring out Language Arts bulletin boards, and the intimidating task of writing an English Language Arts Lesson Plan that will be educational and “fun.”

Ahhhh, the middle school Language Arts Lesson Plan. Quite possibly the most daunting task you can undertake as a new middle school teacher.

Teacher Tip #1
There are LOTS of Language Arts ideas to be found if you know where to look. You’ve come to the right place to find the best activities for Language Arts for your middle school classroom. And even if you’re not teaching grades 4 - 9, rest assured you’ll be able to find something for your students here too.

Teacher Tip #2
Know that teacher motivation and teacher time management are two of the most important tools you’ll need to be successful in your classroom. If you don’t have the passion for education and a love for children this is the wrong profession for you. If you don’t have any interest in schedules, structures, and rules this is the wrong profession for you. Language arts teaching is rewarding, but requires real committment.

Teacher Tip #3
Don’t be afraid to ask for and go out seeking help when you need it. Rely on the advice of veteran teachers, professors, and any young teenager you know (yes I’m serious, the advice of a teenager is priceless). Language Arts Topics

At Language Arts Teaching Expert I will help you with everything connected to the middle school Language Arts lesson plan, teacher survival kits, more than one comprehensive language arts unit plan, classroom management that works, language arts games, language arts worksheets, stress management for teacher ideas, and even some great teacher freebies!

And of course, my focus will be on the English Language Arts Lesson Plan because, as ELA teachers, language arts teaching is where our heart truly lies!

Throughout the site you will see ELA, LA, Language Arts, and English so just know that all these terms apply to the same thing - the English Language Arts Teacher!

Wisdom from a Language Arts Teaching Expert

Teaching Requires Inspiration

Teacher Motivation
All teaching requires inspiration and teacher motivation. Language Arts teaching happens to require just a little more than the rest.

Why? Because not only do you have to write the fantastic and ever-changing English Language Arts Lesson Plan, you also must grade a never-ending stream of papers!

Find something that motivates you and make it your mantra. For me, it was this Ghandi quote that kept me going on the tough days. I posted it everywhere in my classroom from the bulletin boards to my screen saver!

"You Must Be the Change You Wish to See in the World."

Top 5 Most Important Things
for a New Middle School Teacher to Know:
  1. Create a Bathroom Policy - and stick to it!
  2. Embrace "teachable moments" with your class."
  3. Nonverbal cues are MUCH more effective than yelling.
  4. Try a Positive Reward System instead of Automatic Discipline.
  5. Give respect to your students and you will get it back.

Diligently apply these five classroom management rules to your teaching day, and get set to enjoy your teaching experience instead of merely enduring it.

Make sure that your primary focus is on looking for, and bringing out, the best in your middle school students.  Try to catch them "being good," instead of misbehaving, and positively reinforce their good conduct.  

Children want your attention, and they really would prefer positive attention. Teaching language arts gives you plenty of opportunities to encourage your students.  Whether they are reading great stories, talking about a wonderful poem, or doing creative writing exercises, your students will be receptive to your praise, and you'll be proud as their skills improve.

So aim to bring out the best in your middle school English language arts students.

Your efforts will be rewarded!  

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What Motivates You?

Real Middle School Teachers Weigh in...

  • Lightbulb Moments for my Students.
    ~ Jen, 6th grade ELA
  • The slaved-over Lesson Plan paying off in class!
    ~ Kelly, 8th grade History
  • Teacher Union-driven Salary Increases.
    ~ Jim, 7th grade Science
  • Thanks! I have been teaching 7 years and always have trouble getting back into the groove. This site really helped me focus! ~ J.P.

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