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Get to Know You Games


Get to know you games are a great way to break the ice and melt away any first day of school anxiety - for you and your students!

After you’ve gone through the classroom rules and routines, positive discipline in the classroom rewards, and classroom discipline plans, have a little fun getting to know each other. Most middle schoolers will moan and groan and act as though they are “too cool” for these get to know you activities but secretly, they’ll enjoy the fun!

My Favorite of the Get to Know You Games
Ready to have a little fun with your students? Yes, you are ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED to play a game every now and then. It let’s your students see that while you are serious about your subject, you also know how to relax. That’s an important adult skill they need to learn.

Toilet “Paper Me”
This is one of the great middle school activities but will ONLY work on the first day. Get to Know You Games

Rolls of Toilet Paper. Say 1 roll for every 20 students.

How to Play:
You start. Tell each student to take as many individual squares as they wish when the roll is passed to them. I generally start by taking three squares.

Toss the toilet paper around the room. Each student takes the amount they wish. (This works best on the first day because most students will gently toss the roll instead of chucking it. Once they’re more comfortable they tend to throw with all their might).

Once everyone has squares, you tell them the game is to go around the room and for every square of toilet paper they have pulled, they must give one fact about themselves! For the ones who were ambitious or “class clown” and took 15 squares - they have to start thinking fast!

Teacher always starts and is sure to make one positive and specific comment after each student’s turn.

Get to Know You Questions
Many variations of these get to know you games. Here is an example of a fun one. You can create one with items tailored to where you live, what grade you teach, and what you want to know about your students.

Get to Know You Questions sheet

A Timer or Good Watch

How To Play:
Hand out the sheets. Have students put their names at the top. Teacher also completes one. Students have 5 minutes (less or more depending on what you think is best for your class) to go around and collect names of other students who fit each square. You cannot repeat a name and the person must sign their own name in the box AFTER being asked the question. Person with the most completed correctly when time is up wins.

Student Survival Kit
Really neat idea but most time consuming of the get to know you games.

Supplies: Everything 1 per student

Brown Paper Lunch Bags
Gold Star
Life Saver
A Piece of Chocolate
Copies of Survival Kit Items Note

Survival Kit Note:
Some things you need for our classroom this year.
A sticker - to remind you that we all stick together.
A Penny - to remind you that you are a valuable part of this class.
An Eraser - to let you know that it’s okay to make mistakes because we can learn from them.
A Gold Star - to ask you to always strive to do your very best.
A Life Saver - to show you that I’m always here if you need someone to count on.
A Band-Aid - because together we can work through anything and fix everything.
A Chocolate - so we remember that life is sweet!

How to Play:
Put a survival kit on each student’s desk before class starts. Put up the question “go through your items and choose the one you like the best. On the back of your paper bag write which item you’ve chosen and why.”

Allow several minutes for students to go through their bags and also have some think time. Then share. Survival Kits are theirs to keep. I also make a poster with the note and the items and put it behind my desk all year long to remind them of our classroom values.

An essential part of the first day of school activities.
There are many more get to know you games out there so be creative and think about your own teaching style. Tailor these ideas or combine a few to make something unique up for your classes!

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