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First Day of School Activities

The first day of school activities in your classroom set the tone for what kind of teacher you will be and how your students will respond to you all year long.

You’ve spent all summer preparing your ideas for classroom management that works and will produce the results you desire. Your classroom rules and routines, positive discipline in the classroom rewards, and classroom discipline plans are all in place, waiting.

First Day of School Activities

Students are not the only ones who suffer from first day of school anxiety! No matter how long you teach, that first day of school is crucial and scary. That’s why you need to have your first day of school lesson written out and ready to go when the bell rings.

First Day of School Activities that are a MUST
There are a few first day of school activities that you must complete in order to show your students how your classroom will run, get a feeling for the personality of the class as a whole, and begin setting the precedent for strong classroom management that works.

Hand out an Introduction to Your Class Letter
This gives students something to take home and discuss with their parents.

Hand out a Best School Supplies for your Classroom List
Give them time to get their supplies and leave no uncertainty as to what you require.

Fill out Student Information Note Cards
Middle school students are most honest on day one. That’s why you need to ask for their parents cell phone numbers and names right away!

Go over Classroom Rules and Routines, Rewards, and Disciplines.
Get them used to how your classroom will run from the moment they step through the door.

Ask for Birthdays!
Starts the year off with a little bit of personality instead of just information.

Play a Get to Know You Activity
End your class this way so as to create a positive classroom environment. Remember, a positive, respectful classroom is the one that is successful all year!

Worried about working your Language Arts teaching ideas into the first day? Start with a good, English Language Arts Warm Up and you’ve covered it. Keep in mind, you have an entire year to teach your content. The first day to week of school should be used for setting up your classroom rules and routines so the rest of the year runs smoothly.

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What do You Look Forward to About the First Day?

Real Middle School Teachers Weigh in...

  • Smiling, happy faces - for at least one day.
    ~ Lauren, 8th grade ELA
  • Fresh Chalk!
    ~ Adam, Middle Grades Computer Ed.
  • Students being on time for class.
    ~ Geoff, 8th grade Special Ed.

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