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Classroom Management Strategies

We have to discuss classroom management strategies before we can even begin getting into the English Language Arts lesson plan.

I’ve seen many a smart, professional new middle school teacher just about sprinting from their teaching position after a week in a 7th grade classroom.

Classroom Management Strategies need to Start from Day One.I’m really not kidding.

Their big mistake?


They expected to start teaching pure content on their first day. This leads to horrible behavior in the classroom because the students have not been told what is expected of them.

The single, most important thing you have to do as a middle school teacher is figure out your classroom management systems and then put them into action. A positive classroom climate is one that is structured, follows rules, has rewards, and gives and receives respect. The only way to do this is by using effective classroom management techniques. You have an entire year to teach your students what they need to know. In the beginning, if you spend just a few days on the basic structure then the content comes naturally.

Classroom Management Strategies you NEED and will WANT to have in place

Classroom Rules and Routines
A short, well displayed, and known-by-heart list is going to make or break the year with your students.

Positive Discipline in the Classroom
Giving and getting respect, positive reinforcement, nonverbal communication, proximity teaching, and rewards - all these things lead to a positive classroom climate.

Classroom Discipline Plans
You will have “repeat offenders” that will continually display negative behavior in the classroom. These students must be subject to a discipline plan so as not to continually penalize an on-task class.

Classroom Management Ideas for Lesser Known Issues
Decided on your bathroom policy? Late policy? These seemingly unimportant issues can cause serious class disruptions if not started off properly.

A successful middle school teacher figures out effective classroom management techniques and always uses them. If you’re a new middle school teacher it may take several tries before you get it right but that’s okay. As long as you realize the importance of putting classroom management strategies first, because when you do so the Language Arts teaching follows easily, you’re on your way to success!

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