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Classroom Management Ideas

This article contains a few classroom management ideas for those pesky classroom rituals that need more emphasis than the one-liners on your rule list.

If you're a new middle school teacher you may not yet know the importance of the following two classroom management ideas. They truly will be the two instances where classroom control can be totally lost if not implemented correctly and from the first day of school!

Classroom Rituals - the Bathroom Policy

Sound silly to you? It's NOT! The bathroom is the single, most controversial, most argued, most interruptive aspect of a middle school classroom. Don't be Late to Class!

Students are always trying to
get to it.

Parents are always trying to argue about it.

Teachers are always trying to keep students from abusing it and parents from arguing about it.

How you handle the bathroom pass will also depend on your overall school rules so be sure
to check with them first.

Bathroom Policy
Keep a notebook (very sturdy and a bright color) on the chalk tray at front of class.

Separate by week and class (each class has their own page). Students are allowed 2 bathroom passes from THE class period a week. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Do not interrupt the middle of a lesson to ask for the bathroom pass. Be respectful of your fellow students and teachers when obtaining permission.

You have at least 4 other times that you can use the rest room so be sure to take care of your business on your time if you’ve run out of passes in this class!

The only students exempt from this policy are ones who have a doctors note ON FILE in the office.

Classroom Rituals - the Late Policy

Some schools have bells, some don’t. Whichever way your school is run, be sure you’ve posted the class block times in a very visible position for your students to see. That way there is no argument about start and end times.

Late Policy
All Students must be on time to class. This includes at the start of each class period, after lunch, and after electives/PE. Consequences for lateness are:
1st Time Late: Warning
2nd Time Late: Phone Call Home
3rd Time Late: Office Referral

You are only excused if you have a pass from another teacher with a signature and time. I will keep track of your late mistakes. Resets once a term. If you become a repeat offender, you will lose all locker privileges and have to carry your all your belongings to every class. This will prevent you from lingering in the hallway.

Keep Classroom Control

Don’t make the mistake of letting these extremely important classroom rituals go untended to. Without implementing a policy for these two occurrences, you WILL inevitably end up losing classroom control when a student tries to go to the bathroom in the middle of a lecture or shows up late for the third time in a week. If these classroom management ideas don’t work for you, definitely figure out some that do.

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What is Your Bathroom Pass?

Real Middle School Teachers Weigh in...

  • A Toilet Seat Rim - they can't lose it and it embarrasses them so much they only ask if they really have to go!
    ~ Amy, 6th grade Science
  • A Basketball. It never stops being funny.
    ~ Jorge, Middle Grades PE
  • An Old Computer Mouse painted Red.
    ~ Randy, 8th grade Computers

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