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Classroom Discipline Plans

You must have an idea for classroom discipline plans for those instances where behavior problems in the classroom take over. There will be students who just cannot follow the classroom rules and routines.

There will be students who do not enjoy the classroom motivation brought by your positive discipline in the classroom reward point system. You must have the classroom management skills to handle these behavior problems in the classroom when they arise.

Have a Place for Time Out for those Repeat Offenders

Discipline Plan for “Repeat Offenders”

You cannot continue to penalize a whole class of students for the behavior of one child. If you have given that particular student a warning, taken a point away from the class for their misbehavior, and are noticing the problem is not going away, it’s time for individual discipline in the classroom.

Let your students know from day one, if any one student is continually disrespecting the classroom by breaking any or all of the classroom rules and routines and causing the class to lose points from their reward point system, the following actions will be taken:

  1. WARNING: verbal from teacher.
  2. TIME OUT: in designated desk of classroom. Student-teacher conference occurs at this time in order to help correct negative behavior.

Keep a log of all your students by name and enter any of the above actions taken on any given day for that student. If it gets to the point where a parent-teacher conference is needed, you’ll have the documentation to provide the parents with that shows what you have tried to do to help correct the behavior.

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