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I've taught language arts and other subject areas at all grade levels, from grade one to High School, but my strong preference has always been middle school.


Well, middle school children, from grades four through nine, are the most exciting, for me, to teach: they are old enough for challenging work, and still young enough for a teacher to be a real influence in their lives.

Younger children aren't quite ready for rigorous study, and High School students have many other influences to contend with as they try to find their place in the world; everything from peer pressure to the media conspire against your efforts to influence them.

Sure, middle school children can be challenging.  They'll pull stuff that younger students wouldn't dream about, and older students wouldn't bother with.  If you have a personal weakness of any kind, you'll find out about it  through your preternaturally observant pupils in middle school.

I hope that this site is useful to teachers at all levels.  The sample lessons and so on are designed primarily for middle school students but many of the other resources, from applying to teaching college to getting along with parents of students, can be used by all teachers,  and also those who may be considering teaching as a career.

I'll share what I've learned - often through bitter experience - to help you become a better, and, I hope, happier teacher.  

Because I believe that teachers deserve to be happy in their work.  Nobody in society has a more important job than teaching our children.  Nobody has as many personal choices to make about how much of themselves they are going to commit to their task.  

I know how many challenges you face, and how you may feel unsupported and under-appreciated, or worse.  

I want  this site to provide middle school language arts and other teachers with easy access to some of the tools they need to do their jobs, and also to provide them with the support they need, deserve, and often just aren't getting.

Teaching can be a truly rewarding profession, and I want you to thrive in it.  Contact me if there is any particular area you would like this site to address, or some problem that you think it could help solve.  I would love to hear from you.

With warmest regards,

Mrs. D

P.S. If you hover your cursor over the "Bookmark" button at the bottom of the left-hand column of this page, you'll notice that "Facebook," and "Twitter" and other buttons appear.  I never felt old until social networking started...  If you know and use social networking, please help me out and do whatever you need to do to get my website "twittered," or otherwise networked to your favorite virtual community.  Thank you!!!

P.P.S.  This website was built with a lot of help.  If you're interested in a way to augment your retirement income,  or would like to work from home while you raise your family -- or even if you're a teaching student who'd like to earn money to help you afford to attend university --  you might  wish to consider building your own website business.

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Did You Always Want to Teach?

Real Middle School Teachers Weigh in...

  • Absolutely! Playing school was my favorite childhood game.
    ~ Leslie, 8th grade Health
  • Nope. I sort of fell, well "kicked" my way into it.
    ~ Joey, 8th grade P.E./Soccer Coach
  • I had a vague idea I would do it, just took awhile to get going.
    ~ Katie, 6th grade Special Ed

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